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Greg's supporting the Lethbridge College trades, happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone. I'd like to say welcome to a few people today. First, we have Christian Johnson from the Lethbridge College. He is an aspiring student looking to start a career in the automotive industry as a mechanic. He has been shadowing and learning how we provide full service repairs to the machines we service. Christian has also taken on the project of a disassembly, inspection and measuring and reassembly of a small engine. A great way to put the text book and the real life practice together. Good luck in your future Christian! 

Also warm welcomes to our newest tech, Adriaan Tichelaar. Adriaan started his career very early and has learned a tremendous amount in his nine years from some names that I have the highest respect for in our industry. When you’re in it for a while you get to know who learns from who. He recently started with us and will make a great addition to our team! Welcome! And Happy Friday folks!


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